About Forum for IQOLM/S

Forum for IQOLMS has been working in Mumbai since 2004. As a non-partisan body, we provide a platform for concerned citizens and NGO’s to unite under one banner from all over Mumbai and its Suburbs to Improve the Quality of Life of Mumbaikars.

We have been working towards enhancing the output of existing establishments, creating citizen awareness and involving their participation. We believe that unless the citizens and government work hand in hand towards treating the core issues faced by Mumbai, no amount of restructuring would improve the condition our city is in.
The Forum aims at finding solutions to problems of Mumbai and its Suburbs by engaging in sustained participation between all sections of civic, judicial, business, media and government societies. Once the solutions are arrived at, the Forum will want to continue to be a part of the implementation program and ensure the progress as it is envisioned to be.

This is an attempt to arrest any further deterioration and collectively taking active part in finding solutions to solve Mumbai’s problems.

Vision Statement:

Forum for IQOLMS aims to bring about a positive change in the Quality of Life of Citizens of Mumbai, particularly from its Suburbs, in a Holistic and Sustainable manner through participation of all stakeholders.

Mission Statement:

  • We will carry out research to identify the issues affecting the Quality of Life of Mumbai residents, particularly in the field of Housing, Transportation, Health, Education and Environment.
  • We will undertake awareness programs to highlight issues in the above mentioned fields.
  • We will collaborate with government agencies, MCGM and likeminded NGO’s /people to find solutions to the problems facing Mumbaikars in above area.
  • We will provide a platform for NGO’s and other concerned citizens for a common cause, and support the good work done / proposed to be done by collaborating NGOs / Citizen.
  • We will knock on the doors of the Judiciary to bring about changes required to improve quality of life to people.

 Core Values:

  • “United we stand divided we fall: We strongly believe in the unity and participation of the citizen in our various processes to bring about the required change in Mumbai/Suburbs.
  • Reduce, Recycle, Reuse : To reverse Environmental degradation and restore Ecological balance.

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